Name, Image and Likeness rights now permit college athletes to make money with endorsement deals, but F-1 Visa work restrictions keep international student-athletes from taking advantage.

Gatorade is a champion of equity in sport. What if they leveraged the loophole that allows these international college athletes to sign and fulfill NIL deals while they’re not on U.S. soil?

Case Study

Made-for-Social Video: Oscar Tshiebwe

Made-for-Social Video: Dorka Juhász

Made-for-Social Video: Lou Hedley

Once abroad, athletes would act as travel hosts of their home countries, making social content for Gatorade social channels.

A branded carry-on should be the only baggage they have to worry about. Wireless headphones to block out the noise. And their passport to travel to and from the U.S. is protected with an official cover.

To further promote the initiative, fans could win a chance to travel with their favorite international athletes.


Kate Harkins (Art Director)